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Microwarriors: The Battle Within
Probiotics — now available in a Video game!

Available Spring 2012!

The Battle Within

While Probiotics are becoming increasingly popular worldwide, few people are aware of their role in overall state of health.

"Microwarriors: The Battle Within" is the first video game dedicated to educating, entertaining, and exciting players about the importance of probiotics in overall health and well-being.


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The Battle Within

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Health Point Productions is a Los Angeles-based company designed to produce, market, and sell quality documentaries to specialized health markets. Health Point Productions’ films sell to the DVD trade as well as to a large variety of non-traditional outlets. The staff at Health Point Productions is composed of talented and experienced film-making professionals. Our script personnel develop and edit movie scripts designed to meet the needs of specific audiences; our production staff produce documentaries primed for market attention; and our marketing and sales people provide effective distribution, promotion, and continuing sales.

Health Point Productions provides each department with instant access to important information and resources that enables each staff member to communicate quickly with others—all with the goal of creating the best products possible. Our doctors and speakers include individuals and organizations that are considered leaders in their respective fields. At Health Point Productions, we believe that educating both consumers and health-care professionals is of critical importance in today’s increasingly complicated health-care environment.